Batting Cage

Swing batter batter!

Event Highlights

  • This impressive facility has several batting options to choose from to satisfy your inner baseball player
  • Interested in seeing how strong your pitching arm is? There are bullpens for you to test your speed and see how who’s got the fastest pitch in the office
  • If you’re feeling especially ambitious, have a professional trainer give you private lessons and show you proper muscle techniques
  • Exercise your eye-hand coordination and choose from a selection of different speeds to bat from
  • Recommended for small groups
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Available off-site only
  • Location: San Francisco

Event Notes

Teams that play together, stay together! Whether it’s your baseball/softball team or your UI/UX team, we are experts at creating unique events that help build camaraderie in the workplace.This facility offers automated cages, hitting tunnels, bullpens to enjoy with your fellow workers. Both regular baseballs and softballs are available for your personal preference, and both can be delivered to your bat from a range of speeds.

$60 per person

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