Blend It to Win It

Wine Blending

Event Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of wine blending and why winemakers do it.
  • Find out the secrets behind how blending can bring out certain fruit and non fruit food
  • Discuss which blend tastes the best and also how it might set your wine up to be
  • Engage in active communication about a design for a label that might best
  • Delight in exploring what makes a balanced wine for your palate.
  • Great for holidays or summer outings
  • Recommended for large groups
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Available on-site or off-site
  • Location: San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay
  • **Prices may vary (Number of people, taxes, fees, etc.)

Event Notes

Each team will be given several blending grape varietals that they should both smell and taste before blending. Players will be encouraged to think about fruit, tannin, aromatics of each varietal to determine the percentage of each wine to add Since players will be tasting and re-tasting, it will be important to spit out each sip in order to keep a clear mind to offer input for the judgment of the overall quality of the blend. Each team will tap into their teambuilding side by delegating certain roles to different players such as someone who will keep track of the percentage for each blending trial and someone who will work on a draft of a label that best befits the main characteristics of the blend. Each team’s wine will be judged for balance, with the winning team being offered the opportunity to bottle their blend on the spot and take it home.

$60 per person

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