Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

Event Highlights

  • Plainly put-you get the big ball closer to the little ball.
  • Simplicity is fundamental to bocce as the object of the game is to get as many of your teams bocce balls as close to the target ball, the pallino, as possible.
  • Teams can be comprised from one to six people.
  • A toss of the coin determines who gets to throw out the pallino and the first bocce ball with the other team choosing the color of their balls.
  • Play proceeds with the team that is furthest away rolling a ball to get closer and continues until that team either gets a ball closer or runs out of balls.
  • At the end of the frame, the team with the most balls closest to the pallino scores.

Event Notes

This is an Italian sport. The objective of each team is to take turns to throw their bocce ball close to the target "pallino" ball. Points are awarded to the team with the closest bocce during the round. The best part of this activity is the scenic atmosphere.The court is surrounded with beautiful San Francisco views. Order a wine and cheese platter, or bring your own company picnic catering! As teams are traditionally small (2-4 players each), this is a great way to pair up folks who don’t normally get a chance to interact in the office. In short promoting individual unity throughout all departments.

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