A safer version of ice-hockey that is ideal for groups of all sizes.

Event Highlights

  • Feel the thrill of ice hockey without the grit in this invigorating event for you and your team!
  • Consistently one of the most popular group events on ice, Broomball is a safe, fun activity played on a roughened ice surface.
  • Broomball hails from Canada and has evolved into a fun game on ice enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • A broom, which looks more like a stick, is used to hit a plastic ball into goal posts that are similar to the ones you find in ice-hockey.
  • Participants are usually divided in two groups with one goaltender in each.
  • Because the ice has been roughed up, players can wear regular tennis shoes (rubber soles) to play.
  • Strap on your competitive helmet for this ice classic and create your winning dynasty Broomball team as up to 50 participants can channel their inner Gretzky.
  • The moderate level of energy exerted in this fun competition is sure to build stronger bonds amongst co-workers as they work on plans for Broomball success.
  • Choose from a number of different time slots and game lengths and as always there will be tasty treats a plenty to restore that energy!
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Available off-site only
  • Location: Peninsula, South Bay
  • **Prices may vary (Number of people, taxes, fees, etc.)

Event Notes

If you are a soccer player or have an interest in the sport, Broomball has similar rules and strategies. All the gear you need for this spectacular event will be waiting for you on the premise. The ice adds an element of uncertainty making the sport a lot of fun (esp. for those without a sure foot). A professional instructor on-site will explain all the rules and be there to assist you throughout the game. Patrons have to sign a waiver and comply with the safety rules that will be explained at the venue.

$50 per person

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