Flying Trapeze

Watch out Cirque du Soleil!

Event Highlights

  • Get a brief run down on before taking to the air and following the steps the instructor gives you- a wall to wall safety net will be multiple feet below fusing fun and safety together
  • Use your muscles and ability to carefully work your way up to trapeze glory and guide others through encouragement and praise!
  • Watch as trained professionals show you the ropes (literally) and demonstrate their awe-inspiring ability
  • Feel the adrenaline surge through as you work with your peers to create successful trapeze swinging that will leave you wanting more!
  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Available off-site only
  • Location: San Francisco, East Bay
  • **Prices may vary (Number of people, taxes, fees, etc.)

Event Notes

Swing through the air and strengthen your agility with this once in a lifetime event. There are several options when choosing the right style for your event and each event can flex to fit your number of participants. This activity promotes exercise and flexibility on top of positive group efforts in a unique fashion- step into the entertaining shoes of a circus professional fashion- step into the entertaining shoes of a circus professional!

$50 per person

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