Give Back Food Drive Event

Giving back to your community

Event Highlights

  • Host a pot luck dinner, happy hour, or any kind of dinner party with the proceeds being pooled towards a Bay Area food bank
  • Create a fund drive right in the comforts of your office directing towards a goal of your choice
  • Summon your inner artist and create centerpieces out of non-perishables that can be donated after the event for fun
  • Bring in an assortment of different treats along with recipes for your favorite home meal and share it with the masses
  • Every $1 you spend towards food or a meal to be donated will be turned into $5 or $6 worth of food depending on which Food Bank

Event Notes

Connect with your colleagues on a level of caring and sharing and join together to feel accomplished in being responsible for smiles and full bellies. This event can unite an office on a deeper level- expressing feelings through the giving and creating of food, and developing an atmosphere of family familiarity. Food Banks throughout the Bay Area would be more than grateful to be accommodated through your company and likely spread the word of your generosity.

$50 per person

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