Outdoor Laser Tag

Outdoor fun!

Event Highlights

  • Enjoy this specialized event with a focus towards a primary objective involving strategic coordination to accomplish your assigned goals with the help of your teammates
  • Two-way radio headsets, laptop controlled scoreboard, and of course your very own state of the art laser gun will be provided
  • While you’re doing your best Secret Agent-meets-Robin Hood impression you will be immersed in the depths of some of the nicest outdoor parks in the area or private secluded areas
  • Work together with your colleagues to complete missions within your team all while strengthening communication and trust among other important qualities
  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • Available on-site or off-site
  • Location: San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay
  • **Prices may vary (Number of people, taxes, fees, etc.)

Event Notes

Outdoor laser tag requires very little preparation besides the initial contact: equipment rentals, location scouting, staffing, event schedule, and more will be done for you by the event organizers. Referees and instructors will be there to regulate things and make sure all goes according to plan- and that nobody pulls a fast one!

$75 per person

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