Roman Gladiator Team Challenge

If you're looking for a fun team building event that's a little different from the average activity, The Gladiator is a great place to start!

Event Highlights

  • The Gladiator begins with a welcome and brief from our events facilitators. They will be on hand to run the event and take care of team scoring.
  • We supply all the equipment needed, all you have to do is turn up.
  • After the initial briefing, the group is split into 2 teams: gladiators and contenders. Our events facilitators will get everyone warmed up and in the mood for the day's team building challenges. All challenges require full team participation so no-one ends up sitting on the sidelines.
  • Teams will tackle a number of challenges
  • Event Notes

    Discover the identities of the team's hunters and wolves and find out who moves like lightning under pressure!

    $75 per person

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