Event Highlights

  • Bring a classic arcade favorite to the office!
  • Compete in a skee ball battle in teams or individually to exercise competitive juices and build a sense of collectivity.
  • Make the night even more exciting with provided cocktails and appetizers for the full adult arcade effect!
  • This activity is just as fun as it is easy to learn, so count all levels of skee ball strength in!
  • Who knows, your company might even want to purchase a skee ball machine of your own to have onsite for team building access at all times!

Event Notes

Gameplay varies depending on the skee ball machine, but is generally similar. The player, after inserting appropriate coin payment or token equivalent into the coin slot, is given a set of baseball-sized balls to use, made from either smooth polished compressed masonite or heavy plastic. Most machines provide the player with nine balls per game; this can vary from machine to machine, however. Each machine has an inclined ramp 10–13 feet long, up which the player must roll the balls.

$50 per person

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