Team Improv

Team Improv

Event Highlights

  • Let loose with your team in fun, on-the-spot session of improve! It's up to your team to create the story, dialogue, and plot.
  • This activity not only promotes public speaking and other communication skills, but also gets everyone to let loose and showcase their individual wackiness!
  • Experienced hosts will provide guidelines to help make everyone feel more comfortable.
  • Programs are customizable in a number of ways to best cater to your company members’ needs.
  • This activity is great for an easy onsite event, or choose from a number of other venues!

Event Notes

Team improv is an interactive comedy show where two teams of "act-letes" compete for audience laughs and points while improvising scenes, games, operas and musicals based on your suggestions. The audience is always a part of the show, voting for the winners and sometimes even winding up on stage.

$80 per person

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