10 Tips for Planning Virtual End of Year Holiday Parties

November 16, 2021
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Covid-19 has completely changed the workplace dynamic in 2020, with the ‘work from home’ model becoming the new norm. End of the year office parties are no exception. Team leaders may find it difficult to create and organize engaging and fun virtual events that appeal to everyone. The thought of replacing the in-person party with a virtual holiday party might sound boring and depressing. However, it is the only way this annual tradition can live on.


Annual events bring people together, celebrates their contribution to the company, and can be a relaxing experience for all especially during these challenging times. If you are clueless about how to host a virtual holiday party or need a few virtual holiday party ideas, follow the below tips:


1. Gather for a Game Night:

Everyone loves to win and you can encourage friendly competition among your team members by organizing a virtual game night. Holiday virtual games can include a trivia quiz, a scavenger hunt, or even a virtual escape room to strengthen team bonding.


2. Secret Santa:

This is an old holiday gifting tradition wherein one member can play Santa for another. Set a monetary limit for the gifts and make sure that members send out their gifts before the virtual party. Allow each member to open their gifts one by one and at the end of the party members can guess who their secret Santa was.

3. Entertain and Engage:

Host a virtual concert, magic, or a comedy show for entertaining your team. This will allow your members to sit back and relax together.


4. Create Something Together:

Whether it’s decorating Christmas cookies, baking or indulging in some arts and crafts; creating something together can improve unity and collaboration among teams. It is a good opportunity to learn something new for each member.


5. Trade Family Traditions:

Every family has a Christmas tradition, get your team members to share their own traditions with each other during your virtual holiday party. You can even try to incorporate their traditions into your event. This activity will make the participants feel engaged and involved with the planning.

6. Solve a Murder Mystery:

EventYoda offers an exciting murder mystery virtual event for teams. To create a suspenseful atmosphere, is there a better idea than making your teammates solve a murder mystery? You can get the participants to dress up as a character with their own character arc to create a dramatic effect.

7. Organize a Watch Party:

Watching holiday flicks together is the simplest idea in this list. Ask your teammates to recommend movies to watch and make everyone vote for the best one.

8. Christmas Tree Contest:

Keep the holiday spirit alive by asking your team members to show off their Christmas tree decorations and reward the most unique Christmas tree with gift cards or coupons.


9. Sing Some Carols:

Spread the Christmas cheer by singing carols with your colleagues. You can also play carol charades virtually with the participants to turn it into a holiday-themed contest.

10. Silly Story Creation:

Story creation is a creative game in which the host can provide the participants with an opening plot line and ask each member to add a line to the story. This activity is quite simple and can be really engaging for larger teams. The host can print the end story and send it to all the members for keepsake.

We hope the above list has given you some useful tips and virtual office holiday party ideas. Make sure that you plan your virtual party well in advance and try not to wing it at the end moment. These tips will help you take your average video meetings to the next level.

Still, finding it difficult to come up with virtual office party ideas?


Don’t worry, EventYoda has got your back. We offer over 200 unique virtual events for teams, all you need to do is pick the activity and we will be happy to host it for you. Partner with us and organize the best virtual office Christmas party.

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