10 Ultimate Bucket List Activities - Now as Team-Building Games in San Francisco!

March 24, 2020
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Every single one of us has fantasized about quitting our jobs and becoming a globe-trotter who lives each day with uncertainty and adventure! Sadly, most of us still haul ourselves to work the very next day, all dreams are forgotten in the night. Well, being a full-time traveler is not everyone’s cup of tea- that’s why Eventyoda has created a list of exciting team bonding games that are Bucket List Activities! Experience hair-raising adventure, deadly difficult hunts, and many more games that promise unforgettable team bonding fun, with these team building activities by Eventyoda.

Flying trapeze

Flying Trapeze is an aerial art form that the New York Times once described as a “channel for enlightenment”. Flying Trapeze is the form most commonly seen in circuses, where trapeze artists fly across the span of the circus, grabbing one rope then the next, twisting and bending their bodies to fly with grace. Bringing this beautiful and extremely fun game (and what a workout!) to the team-bonding arena- Eventyoda is ready to host your Bucket List experience right here in San Francisco! After a brief rundown of the art by professional trapeze artists, your team will play with the ropes and fly gloriously.. but with safety, of course! Between graceful moves and heart-skipping adventure, a fun time is guaranteed.

Sword Fighting

A tournament of skill and quick thinking, European Sword Fighting is a fun-filled duel using daggers, shields, and pole-axes. Test your inner D'artagnan as you and your team battle it out in an open, raging arena with the energy soaring with every fight! The Jackie Chan moves you’ve been practicing all your life? It’s time to put them to act now.

Bungee Jumping

Experience an exhilarating day spent bungee jumping against gorgeous backdrops in sunny California! Bungee jumping is not a luxury anymore! With Eventyoda, it is a team-bonding game that tests your spirit, pushes your adrenaline and finally leaves you with a soul-stirring adventure. Bungee Jumping is quite literally a huge leap for most people. The ability to push those gnawing fearful voices behind and taking the jump always manages to change a man forever. Try it out. We’ll keep you covered.

Outdoor Laser Tag

You are on a mission. Time is running out. With two-way radio headsets, laptop controlled scoreboard and state of the art Laser Guns you have to gun down the members of the enemy team. Your uniform camouflages you, but you have to be cautious or you will be caught! Eventyoda brings you a day of Outdoor Laser Tag war that is so realistic that it is unbelievable! Designed to give you the most intense, immersive gaming experience, the game is hosted in secluded parks for maximum fun. But don’t forget, you are on a mission.


Packed with oodles of fun and a competitive edge, a Paintball war is both action-packed and delightful. Bond with your team as you experiment with a variety of guns, paintballs, and event styles to battle for exciting rewards!

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing is a test of agility and physical endurance, but the pay-offs are truly gratifying and establish better communication between your team. Learn climbing styles & techniques to scale rugged terrain leading up to captivating views, and beautiful memories with your team!

Cruise Dinner

Cruises are an extravagant affair, so we brought Happy Hour Cruises to bring the magic of cruises to your regular evening! Embark on board before the onset of dusk, and enjoy two hours of a luxury cruise designed to pamper your team with an assortment of drinks and fine dining options, served with the unforgettable view of the bay in the soft evening light.

You don’t have to live in reckless abandon to experience the world’s greatest adventures. You just need to know the right team-bonding event hosting company, and we will bring adventures to you. To book a Bucket List Team building activity for your company, get in touch with us and let the games begin!

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