4 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial For Effective Leadership And Activities To Help Improve It In Your Workplace

November 16, 2021
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Some might find it hard to believe but emotional intelligence is extremely important when it comes to defining what kind of leaders and heads you have in your organization. Emotional intelligence is what helps people bridge the divide between your skills in the company and then effectively leading other people to hone their skills and complete tasks as a team. Emotional intelligence is also coming that people can develop through the years and with the help of a few simple activities. 

First let’s look into what is the meaning of the term, “emotional intelligence”. To put it simply it means, one’s ability to understand, recognize and manage not only your own emotions but also that of your team members. 

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Following are the 4 main reasons why is emotional intelligence important in the workplace:

1. Self Awareness: Only when you have self-awareness can you dream of leading other people in your team. To be able to know how you are feeling and what your emotions are is no joke. Within the same bracket does one get to know their own weakness and strengths.

2. Motivation: This again plays onto the above point. When you are self-motivated, you can then hope to do the same for your team and get people on the right track. People need to be motivated in order to reach their goals. 

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3. Empathy: For a leader to have empathy is very important. When you are able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes you can then be in a position to help them overcome any situation. 

4. Social Skills
: This goes without saying that leaders need to have good social skills in order to communicate with their team. 

Now let’s move on to the ways in which you can help your employees develop their emotional intelligence so that one day they are able to be leaders in your organization.

1. Practicing different mindfulness techniques:

Mindfulness is when you have the ability to be fully present and are able to engage with the moment. This includes your sensations, thoughts, and feelings. It is obvious to ask at this point how this helps with a person’s leadership skills. Well take this instance into consideration, there is a stressful task that needs to be completed and one of the employees messed something up and does not know how to fix it. Now the more mindful the person, the better equipped they shall be to firstly not lash out, then analyze the problem and help the employee fix it. There are different yoga classes and breathing exercises that can help you develop this practice better.

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2. Take the time out to get to know your team members:

There have been various studies that show that when people have friends at work, people who understand them, then it contributes to a nice working environment for all. Take an interest in getting to know your employees. You’ll not only be able to connect with them better but you’ll also start to find out their strengths and weaknesses and that will help you get the best result possible for the company. A simple way to help your team bond and for you also to connect better with your team is having a team lunch every month. 

3. Think about investing in development programs:

There are various companies that specialize in team-building and problem-solving activities that are equipped to organize such events. They have a ton of professional-level activities that are programmed in such a manner to help improve the team building within your organization. 

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