5 Ways to Improve Company Culture During Lockdown

February 10, 2021
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Company culture means a set of defined values, practices, attitudes, and goals that distinguish an organisation.


During the current lockdown, employees are working remotely and are only connected digitally. Though the remote work model is convenient, workplaces are struggling to maintain and stand with their company ethics and culture as employees are dispersed and difficult to unify.


Keeping employees engaged during the crisis and enhancing their productivity has not been easy even for companies with strong company culture.


Here are 5 ideas to improve company culture and continually support your employees to perform better:


1. Reinforce the Culture You Want: A company culture already exists even if you do not deliberately work on developing it. However, this culture may be counterproductive for your company. Managers need to gather employees and team leaders to discuss your company culture to actively reinforce it. You should start with redefining your goals in a way that helps remote employees succeed and involve teams from each department to come up with their guidelines. You can combine ideas from different departments to better your company culture or let each department have a unique culture independently, either way, the broad goals of the company must be considered.


2. Communicate Clearly: Successful companies understand the importance of clear communication. The need for communication has grown during the remote work scenario, as employees may have several doubts and hiccups throughout their day. It is important to check in with the employees regularly, while not overdoing it as it curbs employee productivity. Make sure you decide on what communication platforms to use from the get-go and how you will be communicating- will it be an audio or video call or chatting? Communication will allow leaders to deal with employee concerns quickly and take feedback when required.


3. Focus on Individual Employees: Often leaders end up interacting with teams, rather than focusing on individual employees. They need to recognise that every employee is adjusting to the new remote work mode and everyone has a different way of adapting to this change. Leaders should be approachable and make sure that employees can voice their concerns or queries without any hassle to improve company culture. It is important to not set unrealistic expectations and provide some additional benefits to top performers. Individuals form the organization thus it is important to recognise those working consistently for the company’s benefit.


4. Address Mental Health Issues: The current pandemic has taken a toll on your physical as well as our mental health. There is a constant fear, stress, and a sense of loneliness in our minds. Employees may be feeling disconnected from the organisation more than ever. Companies need to ensure they address mental health concerns of employees by offering them support from online sources or over the phone. You can consider organising workshops on dealing with stress or make teams try out a yoga or meditation class online. A mentally healthy workforce can take on any challenge faced by your organisation.

5. Try Virtual Team Building Events: Team building activities improve collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills within the team and help them socialise in a stress-free environment. Online coffee tasting, luncheons, bingo, mysteries, and trivia quizzes are a few activities to improve company culture. Event Yoda offers over 200 unique team building activities, book your virtual event now and give your teams a platform to bond now.


Maintaining your corporate culture when working remotely can be critical to the operational and financial sustainability of your company. Your staff will feel more involved, linked, and empowered when working from home by clearly identifying your culture and reinforcing it by well-trained management.

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