Have fun offline with your family as you work from home

5 ways to spend time with family creatively, without a phone in sight!

August 4, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
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With soaring covid19 infections and stay at home orders given around the country, we can all agree that our screen time has increased phenomenally, much to our collective chagrin. It’s because we see spending time on our phones as an unproductive thing, it seems to have become a guilty pleasure for the best of us. A quick check on Instagram ends up in an hour passing by, and it's not new to feel like we could, and should be doing something more productive!

The best way to stay at home is with family, and though we discussed how to balance and stay motivated while working, there seems to be very little of real, quality time we spend bonding with our families. With a new storm unleashing in the news everyday, and trending hashtags changing by the hour, it's easy to forget how to just lay back. Feeling that, we’d love to share 5 ways to have fun with your family offline as you work from home-

Dance party

Music being a mood-regulator is not up for debate, but do you know that good music also helps in accelerating cognitive development in a child’s brain and making us take more risks? That’s a fact that calls for a dance party! Most kids already groove to music by the time they are 2, so dimming the lights for a stay-at-home dance party is a perfect way to liven up any day.

Cooking face-off

*Cue MasterChef music* and share what your day was like as you team up in the kitchen. Couples can end this cooking challenge with a candlelight date in the balcony and if you’ve got kids- this is a great way to test their dexterity and concentration skills. Cooking is therapeutic, but when done with family, it's a feast!

Art and craft challenge

You don’t need much to keep yourself entertained, especially when colors are involved. On a particularly lazy day, bring out those old crayons, color pens and papers and let your imagination run wild. It’s pretty hypnotic to make art, because not only is it a powerful tool for expression, it is an immersive experience to create physical works out of our ideas.

Board games

When nothing else works, huddle around for a game of chess, or monopoly if that’s what you like. Board games are great people-pleasers because they bring out the best of our competitive sides, along with setting the stage for laughter and teamwork. If you are one of those millennials who don’t own a board or card game, download the digital versions of the game of our choice from your play store.

Fitness games that get competitive

Working out is boring on most days, but when you get company- the motivation is unreal. The most fun way to workout is to do it with a partner or a group. You are more likely to make fitness a lasting part of your life when you have a partner to share your fitness routine with. With thousands of ways to move your body, choose your regimen, and stick to it. Check out this link for fun and unique Fitness partner games.

There’s always a new way to discover how to have fun! Bring out the comical best in your family as you work from home, with just engaging more and being more attentive. When you’re working, leave the family out of sight, and when you’re with family, don’t let the phone put a damper on what can be a new bonding experience everyday!

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