6 Amazing In-Person Team-Building Activities your Co-Workers Will Love 

November 16, 2021
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Have you noticed that team building has always been a part of your life in some form? Whether it was at elementary school where the teacher would make you do puzzles together with your classmates or at camp where you would take part in scavenger hunts or trust falls. Team building is no different at the workplace than on any of these other occasions.  

Team building activities tend to get a bad rap due to how it is portrayed on TV shows and movies. They usually show it as a “mandatory HR event” that no one wants to go to and everyone is miserable. But with the right kind of team-building activities that is not the case. Your employees will in fact look forward to them. 

Team-building is the perfect mode by which you can bring people within your organization closer and identify the gaps in the system. It is also during these activities that you’ll notice that many individual members showcase their strengths. These team-building events are the perfect opportunity to show your colleagues and employees that their welfare also matters. Having these events and bringing some life into the workplace should be a priority of every organization. 

Following are some fun and lively in-person team building events that you can do:

1. Conduct a “Show and Tell” - you could conduct this within your workplace and also add a theme to it. This is a way of going back to your elementary school days and just having fun. This is a great way for your employees to even brag a little bit and show off an award they might have won. It is a small-scale, easy event that will give your employees a break from work and also mingle with their colleagues. 

2. Host a team lunch - on the last Friday of every month have a team lunch. This is truly a great way for all your employees to wind down after a stressful month of continuous work, completing tasks, and meeting deadlines. Some good food and great company before heading into a relaxing weekend is a nice way for your team members to bond with each other. 

Group of People Making Toast

3. Sign your team up for cooking classes- this is a step ahead of lunch. It is a fun opportunity to bring your team together, learn something new and then get to reap the rewards by eating it! You could even make it a little bit more interesting by bringing in the top boss and making him/her judge the dishes and have a small prize for the winning team. 

4. Solve puzzles- this might sound very simple but that is what makes this brilliant. Order in a few 500 piece puzzle sets, divide your employees into teams, and give them a time limit. You could make it even more interesting by having a prize for the winning team, a Starbucks gift card or maybe they could get a half-day off and go home. This event will make your employees use all their brainpower and have them work as a team. You have to make sure everyone from the team contributes. This event will showcase people’s strengths and weaknesses of working in a team and will also show which employee of yours is a good team leader. 

person holding jigsaw puzzle piece

5. Take part in a trivia night- this is a great way for your employees to flex their brainpower and have a fun night out. You could either sign up for a trivia night at your local spot or even host it at your office. 

6. Escape room- there are different categories of escape rooms that you can choose from, from a jailbreak to a zombie apocalypse to even an office escape (this one might be a fun one for the team). 

Organizing these events might be a bit hectic and confusing. But don’t worry, Eventyoda has got you covered!

We host over 200 amazing team-building events for companies. You can easily find activities that fit your team’s goals and book an event by sending us an inquiry.

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