6 Easy And Fun Team Building Activities You Have To Try

November 16, 2021
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By now you have all probably heard about the many many benefits that come from taking part in team-building activities. The aim of these activities is simple; make it enjoyable, people learn more about their colleagues, and make every work better as a team.

Yet with all these benefits, you will still hear the cliche lines being thrown out there when you tell your team that they’ll be taking part in team-building activities. “God not another company activity” “how are these trust falls going to help us”. So if you are interested in not hearing the collective groans of despair that come from your team when you say team-building or bonding activities. Try the following easy and extremely fun ideas with your team. 

1. Coffee tasting: coffee is something that is a part of probably everyone’s life by now. So why not learn something more about it other than just the fact that you need it to start your day right. Your team will get an introduction to coffee, see how it is grown, and also see the different variables that affect its flavor and quality. This also includes a blind cupping experience where you’ll try 3 different coffees from around the world. Through learning about and experiencing different aromas, flavors, bodies, and sweetness, you can better understand how different regions produce different types of coffee.

Anonymous woman stirring coffee near twigs

2. Flying Trapeze: let’s take your team’s normal working day routine and throw it up in the air, literally. Before you take to the air, you will be given a short walkthrough of what to do - a wall-to-wall safety net will be located several feet below ensuring a safe and fun experience. Enjoy adrenaline-pumping trapeze swings that will leave you wanting more as you work with your colleagues. This takes trust to another level, doesn’t it!

3. Pottery Making: this is a much calmer experience than the flying trapeze but will still prove to be a fun outing with your team. Many find this experience to be very calming and self-reflective as one strives to improve upon their work as time goes on. The most basic and yet very effective items to make are cups, bowls, utensils, necklaces, etc. Getting your hands dirty with clay and creating with your team is the best thing you can do. The purpose of this event, like many others with art as the main theme, is to explore your imagination, which can then be shared with your peers and could inspire them- an excellent team-building activity!

Person Making Clay Pot

4. Batting Cage: every child has an inner baseball player in them. Now is the time to show it. Do you want to test your pitching arm strength? Test your speed in the bullpens and see who has the fastest pitch in the office. This activity is something that catches you by surprise as to how your team starts to bond over a simple trip to the batting cages. But have no doubt about it that it works! 

5. Jam with the Band: this activity is simply just karaoke on steroids. Just like baseball everyone also has an inner musician in them. Come and experience the still and exhilaration of being in a concert-like environment. This is a great activity to start the office holiday party with. What is better than feeling like a real-life rockstar!

We understand that organizing these kinds of events is not everyone’s favorite task. Don’t sweat it, Eventyoda has got you covered!

We host over 200 amazing team-building events for companies. You can easily find activities that fit your team’s goals and book an event by sending us an inquiry.

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