6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Team Building

November 16, 2021
Corporate Team Building
Team Building
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In simple terms, team-building is essential for your company’s long-term health. The reason for this is because the most valued asset of your company, the people, are the focus. Even though your company might be selling the most top-rated product in the world, it would amount to nothing if your employees are not happy and are not working to the best of their potential. 

Whether you are a team of 20 or 200, every company needs to invest in team-building activities. You will notice a change in employee engagement the moment they start to feel like a valued part of the company. 

With a little bit of planning and scheduling, you’ll find that there are tons of fun and exciting activities both in-person and virtually that can help in improving the overall team spirit of your company. 

Following are 6 reasons that showcase the importance of team-building and why your company should invest in it:

1. It improves socializing and employee engagement- whether you have a hybrid, virtual, or in-office team, socializing is the best way you can increase productivity. It is a great way to bring up the morale of the office. It might sound corny to some but it truly does work.  

2. It brings out their unknown skills– a lot of the times people get to know about their unknown talents that have a chance to be showcased during these team-building exercises. You might even find a member of your team with inherent leadership qualities due to a simple game of scavenger hunt.

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3. Brings forward better teamwork– due to these events which would involve making teams for different games you’ll see that it improves teamwork when they handle projects in the office. Because of these team-building activities, employees get a better read of their fellow colleagues and understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and use them to get the work done faster and better.

4. Meeting new people within the company- An added feature of conducting team bonding exercise is that your employees will get to meet other members of your work staff that they would normally not interact with. Under normal circumstances, you would not find yourself interacting with someone from a different department unless they have any direct work with you. At any team building event, there are no labels attached as to which department a person works in. You might find yourself in a charades competition with someone from the financial department as well as the marketing team.

5. It makes your employee feel valued– there are instances when employees feel undervalued and unmotivated to work. And due to this the morale and productivity of the workplace can go down. You can organize a simple lunch for your team and that will give them a mental break from work and remind them that you care about them and their well-being. These activities are a great way for the employee to not only interact with each other but also with people from the upper management level.

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6. A healthy competition– everyone loves a bit of healthy competition here and there. It has also been seen that competition does increase the level of productivity in the office. You’ll in fact be shocked to see how fast team members will work together when they all have an incentive to win something.

So, in conclusion, you now see how team building can make your employees feel more supported, valued, and how it increases productivity and employee engagement. Team-building is an investment worth making!

You might find organizing and scheduling these activities too daunting and time-consuming but don’t you worry, Eventyoda has got you covered! We have over 200 different team-building activities for you to choose from. Book any event that works best for you.

Happy team building!

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