6 Ways to Future-Proof Your Remote Team

November 16, 2021
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It is known that the only constant is change. This could not have been more true in the last year. Businesses had to learn how to adapt and be more agile as everything shifted into the virtual world because of the covid 19 pandemic. It is now more important than ever to future-proof your remote team and have a strategy in place for remote working.

Following are some tips and tricks to future proof your remote team:

1. Give Importance to Employee Health

The pandemic has brought a newfound awareness to all of us about our health, both mental and physical health. It is important to take your employee's health and wellness into consideration. Give them access to mental health check-ins, in case your employees need to come into the office, take extra care of the hygiene and sanitation of the workspace. If your employees are healthy and happy that means there will be better and more productivity.

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2. Investing in Technology

It is thanks to the advances of technology that many businesses have managed to stay afloat during this pandemic. As almost everything is online now from virtual meetings to even health check-ups, it is important to invest and upgrade your technology for the long run. Things like cloud computing technology for example should be present in every business.

3. Flexibility

You should understand that since work is happening at home now it can happen at any time and not just between 9-5. With children at home and other responsibilities, employees should be given the flexibility to look after their families and finish their errands. Let your employees manage their own time and get the work done while also maintaining their work-life balance. By doing so you’ll notice that your employees are able to contribute to the organization without getting flustered about their other responsibilities.

4. Make Sure Everyone Has Proper Training and Support

When the pandemic had just hit there wasn’t a lot of time to properly train all your employees or even find out whether one had any knowledge on this front. But now going forward it is important to do a survey and properly train your employees in places where they lack when it comes to technology. Remote tech support is becoming more and more vital. You’ll see that when they are comfortable with working from home there will be an increase in productivity and also an enhancement of their work.

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5. Proper Management Development

Whether your office is remote or not, management-level employees are being faced with new challenges now. It's going to be more important than ever to possess the skills of conflict resolution, keeping up employee engagement and motivation, crisis management, interpersonal skills, effective communication, etc. With the pandemic, it is now more crucial than ever to extend coaching in these areas to your employees.

6. Increase in the Communication

A problem many employees might have with remote working is that they feel out of the loop concerning the dealings of the organization. This is why it is vital to have good communication with all your employees to show them that every single member is important and valued. With these remote working jobs, it can be tricky to maintain the same kind of communication you might have had in an office space but it is important to take this seriously and work towards it. Have weekly meetings with the whole team for example to discuss the agendas so that everyone is caught up to speed on all matters.

We hope this article helped you understand more about ‘future proofing’ your remote team. It is important to communicate and bond with your team, especially now with everything online. We at Eventyoda can organize virtual team-building events for your remote team. There are over 200 activities to choose from!

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