6 Ways to Stay Positive While Working from Home

November 16, 2021
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“Work from home” sounds like an ideal situation wherein you have complete control over how you work, freedom, comfort, and flexibility. It is the best working model for those who dread having to travel long distances to reach their workspace. However, after working from home for months during the pandemic, the feelings of isolation and stress tend to outweigh the benefits of working from home.


Wondering about how to work from home effectively?


You have reached the right article, here are the top 10 working from home tips that will help you stay positive and productive during these uncertain times:


1. Accept your Negative Feelings:

Accepting your negative feelings and stress is the best way to overcome them. Tell yourself that it is normal to feel low or anxious instead of resisting these emotions. This will help you shift your focus from what you cannot control and change to things you can do to feel better. Balancing work with your home life can help take the edge off and keep you focused.


2. Set up your Home Office:

If you are new to remote working you may not have a designated home office space. Working from your bed or the couch may seem appealing at first but it will leave you feeling strained in the long run. Make the transition from your office space to home by creating a unique workspace for yourself. Add your own personal touches with family photographs, cute stationery, artwork, and books you love to read in between work.


3. Keep Following a Routine:

Working from home leaves you in complete control of how you spend your time, create a routine that suits you and allows you to pursue your interests outside work as well. You can use time management applications like google calendar, Toogl, and rescue time to plan your week or month in advance. 


4. Set your Boundaries:

The line between personal and professional life gets blurry when you work from home. It is important to figure out how to work from home without compromising on your personal needs and family time. It is easy to be overworked or underworked if you do not set your boundaries from the start. Allot a specific time frame to work and stop working on your tasks after that time period. Do not entertain work calls or answer work emails during weekends and after you have logged off for the day. Make sure you tell your family members about these timings to avoid getting disturbed by them. 


5. Stay in Touch with Co-Workers: Working from home can get lonely and depressing especially during these times where you cannot physically meet others. It is important to stay in touch with your co-workers and keep communicating with them to feel like you are a part of the organisation. Team leaders must think of hosting fun virtual team building activities to bring all the members together during these tough times. 

Every team is unique and at EventYoda we host over 200 types of enjoyable virtual team building activities. Partner with us today and book an exciting virtual event for your team.


6. Take Chore Breaks: Do you end up neglecting house chores for work or let your work suffer to complete your chores? Try mixing them together. Complete your house chores like sweeping your house, organising your table, or cleaning utensils during your work breaks. These activities will relax your mind while keeping you proactive and charged to get back to work again.


It is easy to get caught up in the stress while working in an isolated setting. The above tips can guide you on how to be productive working from home. Make sure you prioritise your physical and mental well-being while dealing with your everyday responsibilities. A positive attitude makes all the difference!

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