Effortless workouts to make you fitter during remote working that require no equipment

7 no-equipment 2 minute exercises to effortlessly get fit this summer

May 6, 2020
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The pandemic seizure caused by the Covid19 outbreak has disrupted life as we know it. But this has given us time to reevaluate how we spend our time, the prime of our life,  and the peak of our bodies’ strength. A sedentary lifestyle is unquestionably normalized but the extra time that remote working has given us can be used to change our deeply ingrained lethargy- if we are truly committed to being fit. The vast directory of the internet showed us that there are hundreds of ways to exercise your body without using any equipment- sans dumbbells, sans gyms! Surprise, you don’t need to buy a gym subscription or have a lot of stamina to do simple exercises that work all your body’s muscles.

Expert trainers swear by these simple movements that when repeated often, work just the right muscle to make you feel light and flexible Try them during your work hours and watch results in your body without putting in much effort-

1. Cat-Cow pose repetitions for the stiff back

With the global pandemic forcing more people to adapt to working from home profile, the lower back is the body part which will require time to time stretching. Back pain can be uncomfortable and debilitating. Cat cow pose is the best and most efficient way to get rid of these excruciating pain and it doesn’t even require more than two-hands span space. This yoga improves body posture and balances too.

2. Pushups and push up modifications

Pushups are the best strength training exercise that requires no equipment. It doesn’t just tone your chest, it also strengthens your arms and core. Pushups are pretty simple, but getting the right posture- a flat body from spine to legs is key in making pushups work for your body. Do 4 sets of 10 each with 30 seconds break in between, and you will see results in just 2 weeks.

3. The Surya-namaskar- the famous 12 step full body yoga stretch

Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation holds great significance in Yoga. This 12 step stretch works every part of your body and opens up still muscles and joints, while also improving digestive health, aiding in blood circulation, and stimulating the central nervous system. When repeated enough times, this fluid routine of stretches becomes a strenuous workout. Learn the Surya Namaskar in 3 minutes from this video tutorial By youtube channel Mind Body Soul. Practice it in the open, in a lawn, balcony or terrace for better results, and to soak up some vitamin D as you stretch those muscles.

4. Good old dancing

Let's be honest, not a lot of us love working out. We know we need to, so we trudge to the gym and pretend to be committed to fitness. But getting fit needn't be repetitive and uninspiring. Taking microbreaks to dance is just as effective as a workout in moving that body! To get started on this fantastic exercise, take a song’s worth of break time after every 1 hour on the laptop. That means your dance break will last 2-4 minutes. During the break, just move those hips, throw your arms, jump, squat, slide- whatever suits the vibe. Not only do we promise a fit body, but you will also realize how pumped and energetic a short burst of dancing can give you!

5. Dependable jumping jacks, when you’re short on time

All the exercises and yoga we discussed so far help maintain a good body posture. But, jumping jacks are the easiest yet most effective cardio workout anyone can perform at home. All you have to do is jump high with your arms and legs wide open, throwing yourself into the air like a 5 year old boy enjoying in a park. As your feet hit the ground, arms return to your side, followed by another jump yet again throwing out your arms and legs. 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks can burn good amounts of calories and break laziness with a burst of energy. `

6. Russian Twist

It is a core strengthening exercise that targets the muscles of the torso and the obliques. If you dream of that perfect summer beach body, these Russian twists should become a part of your workout regime from today. Also, the Russian twist can help in improving the weight balancing control of the core, which is important for a strong spine.

7. Leg hold, to work those muscles while you’re working from your desk

Leg holds are so simple they shouldn’t be called an exercise at all. While you sit on your chair, simply lift your feet off the ground and hold them 2-3 inches off the ground. Feel the burn on the thigh and core. A short 30 second hold every few minutes is a quick and easy way to work your lower body.

The pandemic has shaken us out of a routine and given us the time and space to reevaluate our priorities. A healthy body is undoubtedly the most important asset. Use this remote working phase to adapt to healthy habits. Your future body depends on your routine.

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