7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace Environment

November 16, 2021
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Have you ever wondered what inclusion means in the workplace?


An inclusive workplace is a professional environment wherein people of different cultural and social backgrounds, ideologies, and preferences are accepted and valued for contributing to the organization.


In recent years, many companies are realizing the importance of an inclusive and diverse workforce. This is mainly because employees within an inclusive organization have higher morale, and are more productive, happy, and creative.


Leaders are now starting by promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace by creating a welcome environment for all.


Here are 7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Environment at your Workplace:


1. Organize Brainstorming Sessions: Brainstorming sessions are a great way to provide all your employees with a platform to share their ideas and feedback. These discussions are healthy, make all employees feel included regardless of their background, and allows teams to be creative. You can also set some rules and standards for these brainstorming meetings to prevent employees from overpowering each other. For instance, listen when one team member is speaking without interrupting or if you disagree make it clear only when it's your turn to speak. These rules will help your employees feel comfortable and welcome to contribute during group discussions.


2. Give Leaders Inclusion Training: If your leaders are not aware of the importance and value of an inclusive workplace, you may not be able to create an environment that accepts employees from different backgrounds. Your leaders must learn to recognize how each member’s background has strength and make use of such insights to help their teams work collaboratively. Training your leaders on inclusiveness will help them understand how to overcome stereotypes and what type of behavior must be avoided to develop an inclusive environment. This training will help your leaders learn more about the importance of being inclusive and managing their unconscious bias towards one community over others.


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3. Evaluate your Recruitment and Compensation practices: Your company must examine how the recruitment of new employees is taking place and whether the organization is taking in people from diverse backgrounds and different identities. Make sure your recruitment practices are anti-discriminatory to avoid making certain groups feel excluded. Implement a performance-based compensation system and keep your company’s compensation practices transparent to ensure that there are no pay gaps.


4. Implement Policies Against Discrimination: In an inclusive environment, there is no place for discrimination. Educate your employees that all groups have their values, ideas, and sentiments and let them know that any kind of discrimination will not be toleration through strict anti-discriminatory policies.


5. Use Inclusive Language: Language is the most powerful tool and can be a useful means for promoting inclusion in the workplace. Make sure your organization is gender-neutral and avoid the usage of slang, expressions, or sayings that hurt the sentiments of a specific group or individual. Leaders should not tolerate the use of offensive language within teams and must ensure there are consequences for the same.

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6. Encourage Employee Support Groups: Employee Resource Groups connect employees with the management and help them voice their concerns of a certain gender, religious, and ethnic groups. Encouraging such initiatives will make your organization more open and will help you create a strong sense of community and inclusiveness. Leaders can show their support to these employee-led programs and must ensure that their objectives align with the company’s overall mission. 


7. Celebrate and Accept Differences: The best way to make your employees feel included is to accept their differences and celebrate them. You can do this by taking the help of your employees to create the annual calendar, wherein, they can mark important dates for their cultures or religion. Organize a variety of cultural events and make every community within your company in charge of educating the other employees about their respective cultures.


The beauty of working with a diverse team is that you get to explore new cultures, get more aware of social issues and view the same project from multiple angles. If your organization wants to go global, and an inclusive workforce is what your company needs to appeal to a wide variety of demographics.


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