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7 ways to exercise during remote working without really working out

November 26, 2020
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The stay at home orders that have consumed the last couple of months have certainly shown us where our priorities lie. Family dinners are back, everyone is joining Tik Tok and turning into chefs. People posting countless 15 second workout stories during self isolation may make you feel like you're the only one not motivated enough to work out- but you are not alone! Slipping deeper into the comfort of our couches, the anxiety of (still) not working out now that we have all the time in the world is being felt across generations. A testament to this trouble, we decided to research how to exercise our bodies in a seemingly normal quarantine routine and we were surprised by all the ways you can exercise your body daily, without really working out.

Stroll around your home during a call

Walk while you talk. You will be surprised how much you can walk just from pacing around the room during a call. A 20 call= a 20 minute walk, without even realising it! Remind yourself to stand up before you place or receive a call, and stroll. Talk about an effortless leg day!

Take the stairs

An advice as old as time. We don't need to elaborate. Take the stairs today. Fight the temptation to get on the lift tomorrow. In less than a week you'll subconsciously take the stairs before you even realise! (Unless you live on any floor above the 3rd, maybe not.)

Stretch while you wait

For the food to heat up, or while your washing machine rolls, or when the coffee is brewing, just bend down and try to touch your toes, bend all the way back in a huge chest expansion stretch, or simply squeeze your legs as you stand on your toes. Big stretch- instant energy.

Do 30 second jumps every time an episode ends

Not just jumps, any cardio exercise that gets your heart rate up is good between a sedentary period. After a period of sitting still, just 20-30 seconds of movement sends blood rushing around the body and forcing you muscles to work, thus keeping you strong and free from stiffness and muscle fatigue.

Clean your home, don't forget the floor

Cleaning the house is an event that tests a lot- your patience, your attention to detail and your thoroughness. But what it tests even more is your muscles, because let's be honest, cleaning the house is no piece of cake. First of all, it's a multi-tier event, comprising tens of tinier chores- from back bending mopping to arm toning dish washing sprints. Remember this is only fun if you have good music playing, so crank up the volume and get to work.

Mow your lawn

Mowing the lawn has never been an appealing activity to anyone, but turns out there's more in it for your abs then the grass! Mowing the lawn burns 300-450 calories and just the act of pushing the heavy mower tones your entire body- from your arms to your core and legs. It's beautiful how much exercise one can get from such a terribly boring chore! But hey, more reasons to attend to the lawn.

Explore gardening and grow your own food  

Gardening is another hobby that is magical. While the constant tending and care will make you more grateful for nature, and you will also grow some fresh organic produce, gardening is a hands on hobby that will have you bending and squatting among many other things. If you pursue it regularly, even the less strenuous parts of gardening like weeding, trimming and raking will easily tone your body and help you burn upto 400 calories an hour. The juicy fruit grown from a seed from your hands is certainly a delicious bonus.

Associate exercise with mini cues and break your exercise routine down and spread them around the day. Most importantly, wherever you are, just remember to move! Walk, jump, stand on tip toes or dance, there's no secret to better health, it's all about movement.

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