9 Ideas For Outdoor Team Building Activities

April 12, 2022
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A company's team-building activities are crucial - fostering good relationships within a team can increase productivity, improve employee retention, and boost morale. The pandemic has rendered many indoor activities dangerous, making them ineligible for team-building exercises. You have two choices: virtual and outdoors. In today's virtual world, one way to increase the excitement is to take a valuable employee team-building activity that is beneficial for both bodies and minds. Outdoor activities provide team members with a change of scenery from their routine life.

It's essential to assess outdoor team-building activities according to the current pandemic threat. Assess your employees' safety from the hazards involved. Here you will find a range of ideas to help you plan your next outdoor team-building activities.  This article can serve as an inspiration for your own version or starting point for action.

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Team

  1. Soap Box Derby Outdoor Team Building 

If you're looking to do some team building explosively, buckle up. The Soap Box Derby is another awesome outdoor team-building adventure. Soap Box Derby challenges your team with a perfect mix of silly and serious events. Make vehicles out of random objects, paper, and other items. Creating a vehicle you have never imagined is exciting!

Members of your team who love competitive spirit will shine at this event. It might be surprising to find out about them from a different side. Perhaps they might keep it a secret at work. Soap Box Derby is a great chance to showcase your team's unique talents. Creative people will enjoy designing and building vehicles. And others will get excited when they get to drive them. 

  1. Boat Building Challenge on Cardboard

Organize employees into teams. Construct cardboard boats using cardboard and tape. A team must work together to build a boat that floats and sails without sinking. Once the teams have completed their boats, each team has to explain why it is the best. Finally, the teams will race their boats on the water.  

You can do outdoor team-building activities anywhere with a safe body of water to swim. The ideal setting for this challenge is an outdoor pool. However, ponds, lakes, or even calm ocean waters might also be suitable.

  1. Bike Rides

Biking is one of the most popular outdoor team activities for groups. During this activity, the team members get to exercise while still chatting mid-ride. Choosing a scenic route will make the afternoon more enjoyable and provide more photo opportunities. Take the opportunity during rest stops to play these quick games to break the ice. A stop at a pub or ice cream shop is also a good way to conclude the event.

Don't assume that everyone in your team knows how to ride a bike. Tell everyone about the activity and let team members decide whether to participate or not. Team members can teach balance exercises to non-riders as part of the first activity.

  1. Food Truck Festival

Your team will enjoy the Food Truck Fairs as a way to enjoy a meal together. The first step is to book some local food trucks. Consider choosing different cuisines, like pizza, tacos, donuts, burgers, and vegetarian dishes. You can then schedule a time for coworkers to get together to order food and mingle. Incentives like paying for the food will encourage more employees to attend. There is the option of implementing a ticket system that allows team members to exchange tickets for food and pay for additional dishes.

Food is a great topic for conversation and increases bonding among attendees. Alternatively, you conduct these outdoor team-building activities in the parking lot. Split the group into teams by order. You may form teams of mac and cheese, quesadilla, or ice cream sandwiches.

  1. Miniature Golf

One of the best outdoor team-building activities for teams is miniature golf. If you want to design your course, visit a local mini-golf range. Each team can play the golf game with different colored balls. You can also turn the game interesting by designing fun-themed holes. Include obstacles such as gigantic, horrifying statues and windmills to make the game more challenging. As you play, keep track of your scores. Finally, award the trophy to the winning team and let them brag about their win. Perhaps surprise them all with ice cream to celebrate.

  1. An Outdoor Garden Party

A garden party is an outdoor team-building activity that is elegant and fun. Generally, the dress code suggests wearing sundresses and pastel shirts. A key aspect of this factor is the setting. Choose a lush, green area for your outdoor event. Spice up your garden party with tasty drinks, such as mocktails and edible flowers. You can enhance the garden's beauty by making flower pots and a succulent terrarium. 

  1. Stroll With Your Buddy

The Buddy Stroll is a great outdoor team-building activity for small groups. Form pairs of teammates or mini-teams of three. Schedule a walk during the week for these mini-teams. Whether the walk is long or short is up to you. As your teammates walk, you should talk to them. Walking buddy lists can contain icebreakers or questions to get to know you and spark conversation. A major benefit is that it only takes a few minutes to participate, encouraging employees to exercise more.

  1. Climbing Courses

Ropes courses are considered the best outdoor team-building activity. Team members must work together to overcome various obstacles on these courses. For instance, participants might have to fit all group members onto a small square. There is no way for a plank to touch the ground even if all group members are on a seesaw. Ropes courses may also include high bridges, ziplines, tree houses, and tightropes. Team members participate in these exercises to overcome obstacles and fears together, develop cooperation skills, and foster teamwork.

  1. Riding The Horse

If your team enjoys animals and scenic views, horseback riding is a good option. Take a group ride to a nearby stable with your team. Team members do not need to have prior horse riding experience. Since the horses typically walk slowly and an experienced guide leads the tour. People can talk to each other while on the ride. As an additional benefit, employees will feel more comfortable, making shy employees more likely to open up.

Golden Words to Remember

Many employees enjoy outdoor team-building activities during work because they can interact with nature. Spending time outdoors and taking in fresh air is much more enjoyable than sitting in a stuffy office. Groups can benefit from a change of scenery by boosting their mood and energy. The outdoors also offers a variety of fun and engaging activities for teams. There are endless possibilities for outdoor team-building activities. Planning an outing for your team may be just what you need.

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