9 Morale-Boosting Employee Engagement Activities During COVID-19

April 12, 2022
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Nearly every sector of society has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the workplace has been the hardest hit. 69% of American workers say the Coronavirus pandemic was their most stressful experience. With the high impact, people reported that it was more challenging than the economic recession of 2008.

Namely's recent survey has found that HR professionals are acutely aware that their employees are under high stress. At the moment, 45% of respondents reported that boosting employee morale during COVID is the top HR concern. As several months of mandated virtual work draw to a close, HR and people teams across the globe examine their most effective morale-boosting techniques to motivate employees.

Even though some companies have returned to in-person work, they still face challenges. It takes time to adjust to being back together again, and people go through a readjustment period during this time. There is a silver lining to all of this: the challenge never ends. With no wonder, there are some remarkable opportunities to increase employee engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

9 Tips To Instantly Boost Employee Morale

1. Online Yoga or Workout Classes 

An energetic workout can greatly improve your mood. Take a few minutes breaks from your workday to join your co-workers in a virtual yoga or workout class. 

Each member of the group can conduct a class, or you can join a professional-led online workout class. If you are unaware of the online workout programs, check out the fitness classes of professionals to keep your work out on phase.

2. Potlucks Foster a Positive Atmosphere!

We can express our emotions through food. Eating is really about sharing a mindset. ~ Jeong Kwan

Gatherings called potlucks often involve guests bringing homemade food. The purpose of the potlucks is to create bonding through food. Hosting a potluck involves less about bringing food than it does about coming together as a community to share meals. Potluck is an easy and cheap way to integrate employee engagement activities in the organization. 

Overall, it increases the happiness index by fostering a sense of shared culture. Moreover, it enables you to maintain a perfect work and personal life balance. As a result, teams eating together increase productivity and team dynamics. There is no better time to have a potluck in the office than now!

3. Honor Achievements and Milestones

Many companies around the world are experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19. Companies are scrambling to stay afloat in the face of this pandemic with heavily dropped revenue and fewer sales. Company leaders need to recognize employee and company successes during these challenging economic times. Successes might include a new sale, customer testimonial, or a new partnership.

Despite the current crisis, employees should know there are still opportunities for success. Employees will stay motivated and optimistic during this time. Secondly, share employee success with the team. In addition to improving employee morale, employees are more likely to feel connected since they are physically separated. 

4. A Murder Mystery With Virtual Clues

Engage your team to solve the case of murder by conducting a clue murder mystery. Identify the person who had the motive and means to commit the crime. It's a great virtual game for people who love team-building activities supporting morale-boosting.

5. Develop A Strong Mentorship Program

The first few days of working at a company will bring uncertainty and fears for every new employee. That is why mentoring becomes exceptionally important. In mentoring, individuals offer suggestions and guidance to those less experienced. To improve morale-boosting, consider assigning an older employee to mentor a younger one as a first step. Give additional perks to the mentors to include fun in the process. 

6. A Lie And Two Truths

Hilarious team-building activities bring your team closer together through an activity. Play this classic icebreaker at Zoom happy hour to gain better interpersonal skills. The idea is simple: Everyone writes down three facts about themselves. Three are true, one is a lie, and the rest of us are left to decide!  

7. Gamification Boosts Employee Competitiveness.

Morale boosting drives towards high engagement and better performance. Using gamification to engage employees is the key to hitting the success bell.  The process of gamification is not the same as playing a game. Gamification applies the engaging, fun factors of games to real-life situations. The concept entails making a task into a friendly competition. It seems that employees love it as well! 


Gallup reported that gamification generated a 147% increase in performance. With no end to the benefits, you can also experience less turnover, up to 65%. Investing in gamification is a fast and efficient way of securing employee engagement.

8. Organize Brainstorming Sessions

What is the sure way to see your business decline? A lack of innovation. Brainstorming is the most efficient and effective way to generate new ideas. Steve Jobs liked to walk with his team when coming up with new ideas. Jeff Bezos often hosts two pizza parties to gather a group of people for brainstorming sessions. There is no doubt that brainstorming sessions are loud and chaotic. These sessions are also not always productive. However, it is still a good way to engage employees.

9. Online Cooking With Others 

Almost everyone has a favorite recipe. So, teach your colleagues to prepare their favorite meals each at a time. As a bonus, you may want to consider offering each employee an allowance for groceries to cover their needs as they work. 


A good boss is necessary for an engaged workforce. Low-quality management contributes to high turnover. Good managers boost morale and deserve credit on National Boss's Day! While engaging your employees may seem an impossible task, we are confident that we can help you.

Start boosting employee morale today!

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