Ways to stay focused during work from home

Beat distraction as you work from home with the easiest changes

April 17, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
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While the world is on lockdown, work has not stopped. Although the switch from going to work to working from home felt effortless to adapt to at first, most of us have noticed that achieving long periods of focused work is not effortless at all. On the contrary, it seems that right when we finally sit down to work, tens of chores begin to nag, and distractions get a stronger hold on our mind.

The absence of the routine of going to the  office can certainly not be filled, but there are ways to get more focused and do more in less time! We've compiled some easy ways which cut distractions while working at home, check them out for professional tips for successful social distancing-

1. Establish well-defined working hours-

It is easy to procrastinate when you are at home. With no one watching, an open Netflix tab accompanies you while you work. But it is more detrimental than entertaining to multitask while you do remote work. Set defined working time and focus only on the task at hand. Once you achieve your goal within the time you set, engage fully in a mode of entertainment, or a simple break.

2. Retreat into a dedicated workplace-

It's hard to tune out the routine mechanisms of your home. From clanging dishes to bored family members,  any disturbance is capable of cutting your flow of productivity. Retreating into a dedicated workplace in your home helps mentally distance yourself from domestic distractions.

3. Go through the motions of a regular workday-

Sure, working in pajamas is a boon of remote working, but experts say that it's not the best for productivity! On a regular weekday, getting ready for work, that is brushing, showering, putting on ironed clothes, tells your brain to anticipate working. It puts you in a work mindset. At home, in your pajamas, your brain anticipates chilling, and that's when it gets easy to lose focus. Shower and put away the clothes you slept in- it will speed things up.

4. Be accountable-

Create a to-do list, or make a deadline against the tasks lined up for the day. You can also request colleagues to share updates of their hourly work so that small distractions like a cell phone notification or a snacking urge don't bite a huge chunk of your work hours. To-do lists are personal success in terms of measuring goals and managing time.

5. Include more fresh foods in your diet-

Fresh or raw foods like fruits, juices, nuts, and veggies keep you hydrated, without pushing the number of loo breaks that interrupt work on a routine day. Being hydrated and nourished simply translates to your brain firing connections faster, thus making you more feel more fresh, focused and productive. We all know it is painful to get through hours of work with a groggy head. A good diet will make sure you are clear-headed and sharp, even from the comfort of your home.

6. Stay connected with personal relationships-

It is easy to forget the motivation behind your work in the absence of a team. Use tools like Google Hangouts or Zoom to video chat with your team and keep the conversation going. Check-in with your colleagues about their family, their concerns and their mental health during this uncertain time. Share funny content on social media, or challenge them to online games and virtual team bonding activities. Keep engaged, and keep your team close till all peace is restored, but find ways to connect and bond nonetheless.

Distance is no barrier to bonding in trying times. Keep your eyes on the goal and try to manage your time such that you can ace your tasks, while also finding the time to learn something new. Eventyoda has your back during this lockdown with virtual games and virtual team building activities to bond with your team. Find out more on www.eventyoda.com.

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