Best Podcasts to listen while you work from home

Best Podcasts to listen while doing just anything as you work from home

August 4, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
Remote Work
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Digital technology and social media have transformed the way we learn. Whether it's news, or learning about history and science, or even learning a new language- learning has certainly become a lot less arduous with smartphones. Perhaps the easiest way to learn, leaving behind self help manuals and heavy textbooks- is the podcast! Still a relatively new term, podcasts seem to have become the new blogging. With hundreds of podcasts consistently covering a variety of topics, podcasts and the wealth of knowledge they give can come with you as you drive, as you cook, while you work out or as you wait for sleep at the end of the day. We have compiled a list of 7 of the best podcasts that are sure to add value to your life, one listen at a time-

Beautiful/ Anonymous

In this podcast by comedian Chris Gethard, anything is possible. Called Beautiful stories by Anonymous people, this podcast airs an hour long phone conversation between Chris and an anonymous caller. No names are shared and that makes these stories extremely powerful, brimming with faith, anxieties, strength and stumbles. The topics they discuss are unique as the people on Earth themselves- from quitting drugs, to starting over in a new career, from giving birth, to getting dumped during quarantine and getting hit by a truck! A must-listen for all curious people who like an occasional interesting/emotional story, bursting with unsaid life lessons, all in a phone call.

On Purpose by Jay Shetty

On Purpose is a beautiful podcast by motivational speaker Jay Shetty, where he invites prominent personalities from Hollywood, Buddhism, politics, etc to talk about issues that matter to us all. Discussions on love, apathy, dealing with negativity and rejection, among many more wonderful experiences that are universal.


Fiasco follows the unpredictable and tumultuous journey of some of America's greatest events. Uncovering the scandalous undertones behind huge seminal, political events, Fiasco is an intriguing podcast that will satisfy both the history geek as well as the conspiracy theorist in you.


Remember how telling scary stories was always the climax of every camping trip and sleep over? Well, Snap Judgement and WNYC Studios bring us a podcast that compiles some of the most creepy, spooky real life stories told by the people who experienced supernatural phenomenon first hand! We guarantee you will be hooked.

5 minute Business Book Summaries

This podcast is a lifesaver for wannabe readers who just can't get through the whole book! This podcast takes business bestsellers like 5 AM Club, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, The First 20 hours, and The $100 Dollar Startup and summarises them in 5 minute podcasts that grab the best of the book in a 5 short and sweet minutes. Learn the life lessons of bestselling authors and entrepreneurs as you shower!

BBC Earth

BBC Earth's podcast is magical. This is an understatement, because with weekly episodes marveling at astonishing animals and their secret lives, it is a surreal look into the vastness and colors of our planet. Each episode soothes you with sounds of nature, the chirping and the coos and calls of wildlife tucked in corners of the earth. BBC Earth is a treasure of a podcast, you must listen if you believe that nature is God and there is infinite beauty in the living.

These podcasts are available across all streaming platforms. They are accessible for free on Google  Podcasts, ITunes and Spotify, among other platforms. Search the podcast on Google to easily find the way that works best for you! Tune in and learn  unimaginable truths and experiences from people like you and me. Whether you want to intrigue yourself, or improve yourself- either way, podcasts are here to stay. Read about the easiest, most fun ways to better yourself as you work from home on

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