Self improvement apps to learn new skills during this lockdown!

From design to language- improve yourself during remote working with these intuitive apps

August 4, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
Learn new skills
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Let's be honest, we all have an ideal self- a better, less procrastinating, more productive, perhaps fitter version of ourselves that we yearn to become. A lot of us didn’t begin implementing the changes we wanted, blaming it on a hectic schedule; when really a bad routine was to blame. Now that everyone has transitioned to remote working, all the hours of the day are at our disposal. Procrastinators will spend this time procrastinating too, but achievers understand the power of a mere 14 days. As the end of the pandemic seems unclear, we must resolve to change our lives, improving little delightful aspects of it by learning something new, whenever we can. Whether you like to be surprised by the strength of your body in inventive home workouts, or you’re a foodie entering the kitchen as a chef for the first time, opportunities to learn and do something new are endless, even in quarantine! To help you improve yourself easily but surely, we have compiled a list of very intuitive apps for learning anything like-


Curiosity, as the name suggests, is a wonderfully designed application that has science trivia, facts and short reads about hundreds of topics from space to agriculture, from ancient Rome to deep sea life, and from the environment to dancing! Learn new, explosive facts from Curiosity in less than 2 minutes, and enjoy high resolution images easy to scroll through. Curiosity is available for both android and iOS.


Duolingo is perhaps the easiest way to learn a new language! Don’t underestimate the cute green birdy logo, because inside the app’s mostly free features, you can choose the language of your choice, and spend 10 minutes daily on easy tests, speech assessments and picture-description tests that are simple, intuitive and entertaining at the same time! Another wonderful feature of Duolingo is their reminder notifications that are quirky enough to make sure you don’t miss a day!


TED is an app that is God sent for random fact junkees. TED famously hosts TED Talks across the globe, gaining massive following after hundreds of esteemed leaders, thinkers, scientists and entrepreneurs have taken the TED stage in universities globally to talk about a wide range of eclectic topics. Watch videos of these enlightening talks or tune in to their vast podcast library- and learn something new as you shower, cook, or go to bed.


Blinkist is an app that solves the problem of every wannabe reader, who just can’t seem to ever finish the book! Blinkist helps you take books you like and shortens it to a 15 minute read, highlighting the core takeaways of the book. Crazy right? Any book you can think of- you can read a concise 15 minute brief of that book and learn its secrets! Ofcourse, that would take away the charm of fiction stories, but this may finally be how you finish Think And You Grow Rich..


Medium is a highly vast digital space filled with valuable advice, great articles, skill based tips, among millions of other wonderful reads. Medium highlights how long the article will take to read, and it allows you to highlight parts that you like, and discuss them in the comments! Instead of likes, on Medium readers show appreciation using Claps! Medium, sure does deserve some for being a loyal companion during rush hour traffic, a quick read over coffee, or simply a platform to share experiences and make meaning out of them.


Figma enables users to create intuitive UI/UX design without going through the complexities of softwares like Adobe XD and illustrator. Blessing aspiring UI/UX designers with a simplicity that is so delightful, Figma is a design app more than it is a learning platform; but for aspiring designers- Figma is where we suggest you start.

Any moment can be a start to a big change in your life. Usually, positive changes require some deal of self improvement! We hope you are in the best of health, and spend the time in self isolation discovering new passions, and learning new skills. Find more amazing blogs to help you survive the world under lockdown on

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