Great Team Building Activities for the Winter

April 12, 2022
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We understand it's hard to return to work after the holidays. Although the holidays are over, the festive spirit does not go away. A company's success depends on maintaining its employees' motivation and engagement throughout the year. Employee motivation involves increasing engagement, showing appreciation, fostering creativity, and communicating effectively.

A motivated team is always eager to tackle challenges. You can improve employee productivity, collaboration, and happiness through team-building activities. There are plenty of virtual events to attend regardless of the weather or COVID-19. Winter team-building activities are available almost instantly. Check out this list of team-building activities in winter to help your employees start the year right.

Why Should You Conduct a Winter Team Building Event?

Team building plays a significant role in creating a supportive workplace culture, regardless of the season. Planning a fun team-building event during the winter months is a great idea. Today's work-from-home and Zoom work culture make this even more imperative. Organizing a winter corporate event can break up monotonous work weeks and increase employee engagement!

When planning a team-building event, consider that even the smallest event requires planning. Remember to: 

  • Plan your event's objectives and goals.
  • Even for a small event, set a budget line.
  • Prepare a timeline for the event and gather relevant information in advance.
  • Engage and excite your attendees by setting up fun activities before the event.

Benefits of Team Building Activities in Winter

  • Positive Mental Health

Whatever the season, a community activity strengthens employee relationships by boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Physical Fitness

Exercising and engaging in any form of activity can benefit physical health. Furthermore, it can reduce anxiety and stress, leading to higher productivity.

  • Increased Morale

Happy employees will carry valued feeling through their workplaces. Team building activities in winter help foster a positive working environment.

  • Leadership Developing Skills

Employees will improve their communication and problem-solving skills through winter group games. 

  • Creativity

Winter is a fantastic time to exercise your creative muscles to stay sharp. Engaging employees in winter corporate games will encourage them to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions.

Team Building Activities in Winter

Due to our flexible indoor and outdoor spaces, Eventyoda is ideal for winter activities. Check out our list of fun things to do in the winter as you scroll through Eventyoda as a perfect partner for your next corporate event: 

  • Indoor team building activities
  • Outdoor team building activities 

Indoor Team Building Activities

Indoor activities typically differ from outdoor activities. Generally, indoor team building activities in winter happen during regular office hours or on weekends. Team retreats usually take place outdoor rather than in conference rooms. Therefore, indoor activities often take a more serious tone. Check out these team building activities for your next meeting:

  • Code of Conduct

Create a sense of purpose and establish shared values through a simple but meaningful activity. The teams decide what matters most to them and put it on a whiteboard. It's a great way to begin an event. A successful team-building exercise requires the team to share some values and beliefs regarding the best team-building exercises. Establishing these values early in the workshop/team meeting will help run smoothly.

  • Wall of Memories

This team-building activity in winter gives a chance to share memories. Teams create drawings of shared memories and hang them on the wall. It fosters the team's camaraderie through a wall, which remains up the whole time. Participants record positive memories of shared experiences and moments encountered during group work. Having listed a few memories, go around with fresh sheets of paper and ask participants to draw a few of them. Each participant can abstractly depict a memory scene.  At the end of the 30 minutes, request the participants to attach their drawings to the wall. Encourage the volunteers to walk up to the wall to share their memories with the group.

  • Office Trivia

A quick activity can generate interest in your event by breaking the ice and attracting people. The best way to tackle such situations is to ask trivia questions about your workplace. Office Trivia is a flexible indoor team-building activity. It is suitable for either small or large groups, whether outdoors or indoors. You can ask questions related to the workplace. You might ask questions to the group like, "How many people work in the IT department?", "Which department contains more workers?". The prize goes to the participant who provides the most answers. 

All members of the team share the same workplace. You can create an atmosphere that ties your team together with objects and people in the office. It involves fun and easy operations, enhancing team cohesiveness by highlighting what everyone has in common.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor team-building activities aim to build engagement and bonding among teammates in a natural setting. Scavenger hunts, field trips, and walking tours are just a few examples of activities. This type of outing encourages teammates to build camaraderie and trust by getting some fresh air and sunlight.

  • Hunt for clues

The most popular outdoor team-building activity for adults is the scavenger hunt. If you decide to do a hunt, start by creating a list of clues. Select a location to hide the clues. The distance between the teammates must be far away. However, avoid setting more distance as it may take a few hours for the team to find the clue. Set a time limit for the group to finish the challenge, like one hour or one week. Once everyone has finished counting clues, award the first team crossing the finish line with the most clues found.

  • Water-Based Activity

Being cooped up in a room with colleagues or playing with friends seems like a lot more fun than paddling on a lake, would you agree? Canoeing is one of the top outdoor team-building activities for sports teams. It is relaxing and therapeutic to float on the water. Members of the group feel more relaxed and comfortable when participating in this activity – assuming they do not fear water! Water is a phobia for some group members; however, this is an excellent way to overcome their fear. While it might seem contradictory, canoeing is relaxing as well as an excellent exercise. Enjoy the lake and its surroundings, push yourself to do something new, and get a bit of a workout in as well!

  • Back Drawing

This game is a fast and entertaining outdoor team-building activity. As it is a physical activity, it is more suitable for a relaxed outdoor setting. However, you can also conduct it indoors. During a long event or as an interlude, this can help your attendees relax. Pick the favorite shapes, signs, and objects from the website and take a printout of it. 

Split the participants into two teams of two people each. Arrange the team members across from each other. Every team member must see the shape from the printout and draw over the other person's back. Participants must draw the shapes for two minutes each. The team that draws the most shapes wins the game. During this game, players will practice their communication skills by listening to instructions. Communication evaluation entails finding out what worked and what didn't work. In addition to fostering cooperation, working together also exposes a member's communication inadequacies.

Wrapping up

During the winter months, corporate morale can take a hit, but with the right team-building activity, your company can get back on track. Try conducting scavenger hunts, hosting a trivia night, trekking, or escape room to do something different at work. Wish to schedule team-building activity in winter? Get connected with us.

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