Here's Why Team Building Activities are Beneficial for your Business

January 21, 2021
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Team building activities are instrumental in developing teamwork skills within your employees. It helps you build teams that can work together and achieve common goals while resolving conflicts and issues effectively. To create collaborative teams, it is important for the team members to bond and respect each other.


These activities are fun and allow employees to see each other in a different light outside the workplace. They foster deeper connections and motivate teams to perform better.


Planning a series of team building activities is not only instrumental in boosting employee morale, but it also influences the success of your business. Here are the benefits of team building activities for work:


1. Collaboration Leads to Innovation: Businesses often look for innovative thinkers to help them stand out in the market, however, what they forget is that they can create an environment that allows for innovation through team building activities. The main purpose of team building is to bring team members together and to create a collaborative environment. These activities connect team members and allow them to be unique and expressive. When members get comfortable working with each other, they will come up with creative and innovative ideas for reaching business objectives.


2. Creates Healthy Competition: People tend to achieve more when they are in a competitive environment. Organizing team building activities can help you bring out these competitive tendencies. During these activities, team members can participate in various challenges and showcase these skills to stay ahead of the competition. You can consider trivia quizzes and escape rooms as these activities bring forth team spirit and create healthy competition among employees.


3. Enhances Team Performance: Team building activities improve performance in tasks that require employees to share the workload with others. Since the team members will have a deeper understanding of each other with the help of these activities, they will assign tasks to each member appropriately and will hold each other accountable. You also end up creating a positive work environment, wherein each employee is motivated to contribute.


4. Resolves Gaps in Communication: Communication is important, especially for teams working together on long-term projects. One of the major benefits of team building activities is that it brings people together and allows them to have open-minded discussions in a stress-free setting. Team activities bring people together and allow them to face conflicts in a healthy manner.


5. Develops an Inclusive Environment: Having a diverse workforce is vital for businesses today as it allows them to develop a global understanding while supporting various communities. Acceptance and open-mindedness are essential values that enhance teamwork. Through team-building activities, members can exchange their success stories, failures, and experiences with each other. Relationship building games like scavenger hunts, truths and lies, and talent shows will allow for the exchange of ideas and cultures.


6. Builds Problem Solving Skills: Crisis can hit your company at any time, like the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The ability to think rationally and creatively can be strengthened by team-building exercises that enable teammates to work together to solve problems. When a real crisis happens, teams who have the competency to assess when a challenge arises, know what they can do about it and can then take over efficiently.


Team building is a continuous process that businesses must invest in, though on the surface they do not seem beneficial, countless studies prove that team building activities increase productivity.


The current pandemic makes it difficult for organizations to organize these activities as most employees are now working from home. However, Eventyoda organizes over 200 different virtual team building activities for various corporations.


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