How Employee Well-being Can Enhance Your Company's Productivity

November 16, 2021
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When we think about what drives a company to success, yes the strategies and ideas play a big role but it does come down to the hard work of your employees, and it is because of this reason that you should know and understand the relation between your employee's well-being and their productivity. 

In a nutshell, when your employee's well-being is looked after, there are fewer sick days taken, there is a smooth cash flow in the business and most importantly there are fewer overhead costs. Let’s take sick days for example, the more number of sick days an employee takes, the more someone else has to pick up the slack. 

Numerous studies show that looking into this subject and taking care of your employee's well-being has improved the productivity of the company manifolds. By taking an interest in your employee's well-being you will see a drastic change in the workplace and save a lot in turnover costs. 

Following are some steps that can be taken to improve your employee's well-being: 

1. Giving them access to healthy foods

An easy way to do this is by first taking a look at your vending machines. If they are filled with salty, sugary, and fatty snacks, then that just won’t do! Look into more plant-based food options with a good ratio of the nutrients to the calories. Go for less processed foods and more whole foods. 

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2. Allowing a more flexible work schedule

Chronic stress is a big contributor to your employee’s productivity levels. A way to help with this health problem is by giving your employees a more flexible work schedule. People will find working easier when they know that they will have time to be there for their kids or to make dinner. You will see the engagement rate of your employees increasing when they don’t have other things to worry about.  

3. Providing them with access to a gym

Many studies suggest that when workers have access to a gym during the day they have a clearer mind and can get their tasks done quicker, also they feel more satisfied with their jobs. Maybe you can arrange an agreement with your local gym and provide your employees with its access. With this, your employees will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle and this will also show them how much you care for their health and well-being. 

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4. Encourage them to cycle or walk to work

A good way to encourage your employees to cycle to work is by providing them with new cycles or even making it a competition as to who was more active in the month, and having a small prize for that. The rush of endorphins will make your employees more alert and happier when they come to work. A bonus for this is also that it will help in reducing their carbon footprint!

5. Getting them away from their desks

This step relates to the saying that sitting is the new smoking. What happens when you sit the whole day is that it puts a lot of stress on your internal organs and there is a reduction in your ability to digest foods. It is a good idea to encourage your employees to get up from their seats every few hours to stretch and rejuvenate themselves. 

6. Having incentive trips

Organising trips will give your employees a break from their desks and reset their minds. It will also give them a chance to visit places they might not go otherwise. These trips help in team-building and also contribute a lot to your employee’s happiness and mental health. It showcases to them that you care about their well-being. 

As we can see now there is a direct relationship between the well-being of your employees and their productivity. If you’re stuck with having to find ways to help your employees with their productivity and just take a break, don’t worry, Eventyoda has got you covered!

We host over 200 amazing virtual team-building events for companies. You can easily find activities that fit your team’s goals and book an event by sending us an inquiry.

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