How to Boost Employee Engagement in a Remote Work Culture

November 16, 2021
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Employee engagement is the level of passion employees feel about their jobs and how committed they are to the organization. It is easy to mix up employee satisfaction and employee engagement. While engaged employees are motivated to work productively every day and help the organization succeed proactively, employee satisfaction is indicative of whether the worker enjoys their role within the organization though he/she may not be engaged with it.


Investing in employee engagement is important as it drives performance and allows them to understand their role in the organization. Ever since remote work has become mainstream, companies need to keep their workforce engaged if they want to recover from the current recession and crisis. 


Here are a few Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote workers:


1. Create a Remote Work Policy: Working in a remote setting is extremely confusing, especially for employees who have had to shift from office to home for the first time. Companies need to set clear goals and communicate their expectations to the employees from the get-go. You can type out a remote work policy guideline and share it with the team, you can even loop in your employees while setting these goals and milestones. This will motivate your employees to complete their targets and will make them adhere to deadlines. Make sure to resolve any queries your remote team may have before finalizing these guidelines. 


2. Recognise your Employees: Hard work must be rewarded and recognizing your employees is one the best ways of engaging remote workers. You can organize a virtual award function for your remote team and encourage your employees to be more productive. You can hand out more projects to the top-performing employees, giving them a platform to develop and apply their skills. Organizing a peer feedback session is also an amazing way of engaging your employees and helping them grow.


3. Offer Online Workshops/Training: Working remotely can feel monotonous and tedious over some time. It is important to support your employees and let them explore more about your industry through free online training and workshops. Developing new skills will also allow employees to grow personally and professionally. You can also encourage employees to attend workshops and classes that are good for their well-being such as a meditation class, an art class, or a yoga class. This idea is not only for the benefit of the employees, it can significantly improve an employee’s contribution to the company and make them more valuable.


4. Offer More Perks: More perks mean higher employee engagement! Try to provide your employees with exclusive perks like gift cards, Netflix subscription plans, subsidized insurance plans, corporate deals from different brands, and cashback offers. Employees will feel more motivated to work whether they are working remotely or not if they receive these additional perks.


5. Virtual Team Building Activities: Remote teams are often scattered in terms of location and sometimes in time zones. It becomes more difficult for team members to communicate and collaborate with others when they are not sharing office space. The best way to evoke team spirit and encourage teamwork is by organizing weekly or monthly virtual team-building activities. These activities can help team members socialize and understand each other in a pressure-free setting. Virtual activities can also be used as ice breaker sessions while on-boarding new team members.


We hope this article helped you learn about remote employee engagement. Connecting with remote employees is crucial, especially during these challenges. Organize a virtual team-building event with Eventyoda and have a fun time with your remote team. We have over 200 unique virtual team engagement activities for you to choose from!

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