Fun brain games to test your brain during remote working

Mind sharpening free games to cut the mindless instagram scrolling

August 4, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
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Training your brain to be faster and smarter requires practice. Luckily brain training doesn't always require eating an assortment of nuts or solving calculus problems! With smartphones, innumerable interesting and helpful brain games have become easy to download, intuitive to use and fun and play! Brain games boost a wide range of cognitive functions, and they're a good way for adults to unwind creatively. With interesting interfaces, these games hold attention, some allow multiplayer setting and get competitive! Check out 5 of the best mind sharpening games online to challenge yourself as you work from home!

Left vs Right

This app includes 51 games that test different spheres of cognitive reasoning, memory, awareness, reflex and precision. Different games will put you in different contexts and require you to do a task that measures your brain's adaptability in each situation. Left vs right is an engrossing way to train your brain for unlimited amounts of time per day.

Logic Master- Mind Twist

This game is called addictive by many users in the Play Store but we are not surprised! With hundreds of short and easy ganes that test your thought agility, precision and attention to detail, among other areas you might want to test yourself in. Logic master is an immersive application, one you can nail from start to finish in less than 8 hours!


Playing chess on your phone has a big benefit- the app shows prospective moves for every piece, thus helping amateurs learn how each piece moves as you play along. One can also always find a reasonable opponent when playing chess digitally, thus making sure each game is interesting and nail-biting.

Learning and playing chess regularly stimulates the growth of dendrites, the ends of our neurons, which in turn increases the speed and improves the quality of neural communication throughout your brain. Increased processing power improves how you function, how you think and how you feel everyday.

Mystery of Mirror of Death

This thrilling detective game is set against stunning visuals, in a city where a famous writer J.S. Thompson goes missing. Using the game's extremely simple point and click, drag and touch interface helps make the game fast-paced. Nothing is hidden, so this game tests your attention to detail and deduction skills in a beautifully designed noir adventure! Mystery of Murder of Death is available on Android and Amazon Kindle devices.

Pogo Scrabble

For the love of crosswords, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to better their vocabulary as it has tools to help learning such as the Teacher button or the Dictionary tool where you can check a dictionary online when you're stuck in the game! Furthermore, you can challenge your friends on Facebook, or play with players from different countries, or simply have a battle of words with a bit and see who wins!

Everyone's been using too much Instagram ever since the line between work and personal life disappeared, thanks to Covid19! But there can be learning in everything, even if it's using your phone for endless hours. Tease your brain with these phenomenal game apps as you work from home! For more ways to better yourself as you quarantine, visit us on

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