Problem Solving Activities You Need To Try With Your Team

November 16, 2021
Corporate Team Building
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If your employees have a mindset that sees problems as an opportunity rather than a roadblock or hindrance you know for a fact that you have the best team possible working in your corner. A way in which you can determine which of your team members fit this role is by participating in problem-solving games. These activities are not just a way in which you can see the true potential of your employees but also a way for them to work together as a team, learn every other strategy and overcome any obstacles that they might face together. 

It comes down to the managers and administrators to help improve the problem-solving skills in their workforce. And when we talk about problem-solving skills we do not simply mean at an individual level, rather as a team. This is where team building problem-solving activities come in. there main focus areas are:

  • Communication skills 
  • Collaboration 
  • Strengthening of decision making 
  • Adaptability 

With the help of different problem-solving skills, your team should be able to identify their own strengths and put them together towards solving the issue at hand while also having a good time. But this is not to say that your team will not acquire other skills than just problem solving, they will also learn things like understanding the different processes, get better at planning, and having more structure in place. 

Problems can come up at any time, at any place, so it’s best to have your team prepared for it all. Most of all they should know how best to work as a team. Have a look at a few different problems solving activities you can do around your office with your team:

1. The shrinking Vessel

This is quite a simple exercise but will require everyone to put their minds to the task. For this activity, all you need is a rope or a string. With this rope make a circle around the group of people partaking in this activity. Slowly for the next 8-10 mins keep shrinking the circle. Now your team members have to work together to accommodate everyone within the boundaries. 

Believe it or not but this simple exercise promotes and helps with your team’s adaptability! Adaptability in this scenario helps with your team’s ability to solve the problem fast and come up with new and innovative ideas. 

2. Egg Drop 

For this, you’ll need a carton of eggs and a few household items such as newspaper, plastic wrap, rubber bands, straws, drop cloth, tarp, etc. And most importantly an empty space outside somewhere which you don’t mind getting dirty. Divide your employees into teams. Give each team an egg and they have to then use only the household items provided by you to make an egg carrier. Set a timer for maybe 30-45 mins and see which team comes up on top.

This exercise helps with your team’s decision-making and collaboration skills. And we don’t have to tell you why these two skills are so important when it comes to working well with a team. 

Brown Eggs on White Ceramic Bowl

3. Stranded 

This is probably the easiest one of them all, at least for you it is as all you have to do in order to prepare for it is have an empty office space. Divide your employees into teams. Tell them to imagine a scenario where you have been stranded in the office without means of getting out. Now they need to collectively decide on 10 items that are of importance in order for them to survive. This activity will help with your employee’s communication and decision-making skills. When they improve upon these skills you’ll notice that in real-life scenarios they have an easier time communicating with each other resulting in fewer complications at work. 

We know that organizing these kinds of events is not always easy. But no need to worry about a thing, Eventyoda has got you covered! We host over 200 amazing team-building events for companies. 

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