Rainy Day Team Building Activities for the Win!

March 18, 2020
Team Building
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With the winter holidays behind us and 2020 well on its way, it's easy to get sucked into the humdrum of the office. Do grey skies and rain clouds have team morale running a little low? Break up those rainy day blues and bond with your colleagues by throwing an office party!

Office events can have a reputation for being overly formal or boring, but when you choose from one of Eventyoda’s phenomenal team-building activities you’re guaranteed to have a blast and build memories your team will cherish. We have curated a list of fantastically easy, fun and exciting activities that can be held rain or shine, at your office or the venue of your choosing. No need to stress about organizing a large scale event, we at Eventyoda pride ourselves in handling all your event details and picking the perfect activity to fit your team style and participation.

Badass Board Game Battle

The Badass Board Game Battle is an Olympic tournament of epic proportions for competitive board game lovers. Games vary in difficulty, game-style, and the number of participants to allow a customized experience for your team. Categories run the gambit from games of chance to those requiring deep strategy and forethought. Whether you’re looking for a low effort way to blow off steam or prove your mettle as a grand strategist there's a game for you. For those seeking to prove their superior game skills a full team based tournament can be organized. Teams can select from several classic games such as Monopoly, Pictionary, Jenga, and Cards Against Humanity then battle it out in single-elimination rounds for board game glory!

Indoor Batting Cage

Test out your batting arm in one of the Bay Area’s states of the art indoor batting cages. Swing for the fences and compete against your coworkers for the furthest fly ball with some freestyle batting practice.

Interested in seeing how strong your pitching arm is? Several partnered facilities have practice bullpens for you to test your speed and practice your technique. Or if you’re looking for some real baseball skills training schedule a lesson with one of the dedicated staffers who oversee the facility and ensure participant safety. Ready to see who’s got the fastest pitch in the office or who can slam their ball the furthest? Then contact Eventyoda today to schedule your indoor batting cage team building day!

Beer Tasting Activity

Looking for a more laid back activity you can enjoy without breaking a sweat? Beer tasting is a simple and low effort team building activity designed to build camaraderie through the timeless joy of sharing some beer with friends. Let Eventyoda take you and your team on a tour of the Bay Area’s best breweries, or kick back in the office and let Eventyoda bring a curated selection to you! In addition to the delicious beer, you’ll have the option to gain further appreciation through expert hosted tasting classes. Learn more about the flavors that go into your favorite beers and the process that goes into perfecting them, all while sipping some tasty brews with your colleagues.

Wine blending

Unleash your inner wine connoisseur, taste-tester, critic, and designer. Much like a good team, fine blended wine is made by selecting the right varietals in the right proportions to bring out the best flavors each has to offer. Learn about variations in test and texture to blend your wine, then compete with your colleagues for the best flavor and packaging! Wine blending is an exciting hands-on activity with plenty of glasses to sip throughout the game, making for a fun team-building experience your coworkers will love.

Chocolate Making

Craving a sweet activity your team will love? Come challenge yourselves to become chocolatiers and compete for the title of king or queen confectioner. Learn the tasty art of chocolate making from professional chocolate connoisseurs who have spent decades perfecting the art of making these delicious treats. Test out your skills and satisfy your sweet tooth with a day of hands-on chocolate making fun.

Corporate Game Show

Step right up and become a participant in your office Game Show! Jump on stage and compete against your colleagues for prizes and ultimate office bragging rights. Prepare to be fully immersed in the game show experience complete with digital scoring, lighting, sound effects and your own professional game show host. Competitions are customizable and include any number of challenges ranging from spelling bees and entertainment trivia to physical trials and games of chance. Get your heart beating and keep your eyes on the prize to win it all on your team Game Show.

Culinary Salon Game

Who hasn’t pretended to be a chef, talking to an imaginary audience while making a sandwich at home? Making that dream come true is our Culinary Salon Game that follows the likes of Masterchef, the most beloved culinary competition on TV! Learn easy cooking tricks and spend a wonderful evening waging a fun culinary war, ending with a tasting session and sweet, sweet dinner time!

Have you ever dreamed of whipping up mouth-watering dishes in a MasterChef style television cooking game show? Here's your chance to live out that dream and compete against your coworkers in the ultimate Culinary Salon Game. Cook up spectacular dishes of your own and taste delicious creations by your peers in your culinary salon. Learn from professional chefs who will provide instruction and guidance throughout the event. Have a specific cuisine in mind? Our chefs can accommodate tastes from around the world as well as any dietary restrictions or requests made by team members. If you’re ready for an unforgettably delicious team event look no further than the Culinary Salon Game.

Cupcake Wars

Strap on your aprons and load your frosting because it's about to be a cupcake war. Bake with and against your coworkers in this frosting filled challenge to create the superior cupcake. With an arsenal of edible art tools and an armory of baking supplies, you’ll be fully outfitted to churn out stunning cupcakes as you battle for the title of the best baker. Organize into teams to craft the best dessert or go free for all and compete for the overall champion of the cupcakes.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Prepare for an evening of fine dining, witty conversation, and mystery in this thrilling team binding activity. Professional actors and actresses will join you for an elegant meal while acting out a chilling story of MURDER. Bring out your inner detective as you gather clues and test your skills of observation and deduction in this hair-raising adventure. Choose from a number of different party themes that will spark the imagination: Gangsters of the 1920s, Old West, Pirates, Weddings, and much more. Race against the clock to discover the murderer before they strike again!

From elegant Murder Mystery dinners to frosting covered Cupcake Wars, our curated activities are suited for people of all ages and backgrounds. Office events are meant to build morale and foster stronger team relationships - with Eventyoda‘s help you can be sure of both.  Break the mold of the old office party by holding a truly memorable event that inspires collaboration and creativity in your team. With hundreds of fully customizable activities to choose from you can be assured our Eventyoda agents can plan the perfect team-building experience for your team. Call 855-GET-YODA (855-438-9632) or visit www.eventyoda.com to start planning your perfect team building event today!

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