Corporate team bonding games perfect for a summer day out!

Team Bonding Activities for the Lovers of the Great Outdoors

March 27, 2020
Team Building
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The sultry winter sun is inviting, especially during a long day of work. A whopping 42% of Americans do not get enough time in the sun, and the dropping levels of Vitamin D makes us lethargic in more ways than we can imagine! When a morbid routine keeps you from the great outdoors for too long, it is natural to feel stuck and restless, from your room to an office and back. Soaking in the sun is essential, whether you are a houseplant, or a child, or a developer whose only source of light is the blue from his system; and this is why EventYoda introduces our list of wholesome outdoor team building games that would immensely excite the lovers of the great outdoors-

Corporate rodeo

Leave behind your contemporary life and turn into a cowboy for EventYoda’s phenomenal Corporate Rodeo activity! Spend a day far from the distilled corporate setting, right in the middle of the countryside made just for your team! Your group will compete in a series of classic rodeo challenge including roping, horse care (saddling, cleaning, feeding), and much more. You might even catch a greased pig or milk a goat... in the wild, wild, west- everything is an adventure!


Corporate team building Fencing is a fabulous way of re-discovering the abilities of your team in a setting that requires you to work together, communicate effectively and play with minds as sharp as the game! Fencing is a sport that tests concentration, coordination, and quick-thinking. Our experts will start the activity with warm-up and then proceed to practice footwork, blade work and fencing techniques before putting your corporate team members against each other, in a fierce fight that is hard to forget!

Kite Flying

Celebrated in Indian culture as a means to commemorate the beginning of spring, Kite Flying is both a relaxing team bonding game and a cut-throat competition! The activity will be hosted in a wide, open field and teams will be given colorful kites, with the option of making their own paper bird before the game begins! Enjoy snacks as professional kite flyers teach you the secret posture, angles, and techniques that will send your kite soaring!  

Grilling Class

Under the warm California sun, set up your own team grill and learn the craft of grilling a wonderful variety of veggies and meat! Bring your belly and compete to execute the tastiest and best-done backyard BBQ! Learn grilling techniques using different mediums, and when the aroma gets torturously good- dig right into the competition’s best-grilled mentions. Lunch hour never felt so good!

Food Truck Challenge

The Food Truck Challenge will place you and your team in a position you never fathomed! Get behind the counter in a food truck and spend a day engineering meals on the go! This team bonding activity will start after organizing your team into small groups. Each member from the groups will sample an assortment of dishes from different food trucks and then be assigned to work with one of the food trucks! What will then ensue is an exciting race against time, a Masterchef-Esque challenge to create the best dish and concept based on the cuisine of the food truck they are assigned to.

Rifle Shooting

Practice your precision with EventYoda’s Rifle Shooting team building game that is sure to end with a bang! Bringing your team to a state of the art shooting range in San Francisco, our shooting coaches will teach you the ropes, and with all safety gear deployed, you will aim and shoot targets that will constantly get harder, thus testing your skills and focus. We guarantee an exhilarating experience!


Embark on an interactive day of seeking visual serendipity using a lens and your eye for aesthetics in this creative team bonding activity! Explore the lesser-known parts of the city and click wonderful pictures with a professional photographer escorting your group and teaching you everything there is to know about lighting, the rule of thirds, angles and other secrets from years of experiencing the world through a camera. Immerse yourself in patient wait with a camera aimed, seeking beauty in daily life and finally- telling moving, visual stories hidden in plain sight.

EventYoda understands that different people have different things that pierce their walls, and that’s why we relentlessly create team bonding experiences that are for everyone- the music lover, the foodie, the secret gardening enthusiast, the sports enthusiast, the artist, and the child in everyone who seeks more from work than just work! Get in touch with us today for team-bonding games cut out for your team!  

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