Working together to optimise productivity in the times of social distancing

Tips and tools for collaborating effortlessly as you work remotely

April 29, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
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2020 so far has been full of unexpected news, but millions of people worldwide have been quick to adapt to the current state of affairs. In a very short duration, we managed to restructure our workplace norms and keep work going from our homes. The health of employees is the single most important asset to the company’s growth. In these times, our health is threatened, but hope still stays unwavered.

Around the world, the switch from a regular workday to remote working has created many problems. One of the issues that is plaguing teams everywhere is managing to coordinate with big teams even when they are working miles away from each other. Technology has certainly bridged the gap to an extent, but employees still feel a certain disconnect.

Efficient collaboration seems hard to pull off but there are tricks and tools to get the best out of your team as they work together, separately.

Set expectations, make rules, give time

Without the structure of a typical weekday, a lot of people find it hard to manage their time, and beat the persistent urge to procrastinate! Accepting that some of your colleagues may not be as efficient with office work while at home helps take the pressure off an already stressed team. Set longer deadlines because your team may be struggling with chores and family while also trying to remain focused- and that is serious work, especially when some of your colleagues have kids. Redefine your expectations, and give them more time to respond.

Maintain transparency

If you are the victim of relentless chores piling up or bored kids who seem to never give you some quiet time, this point is for you. Stay honest with your team. Open up about your personal stressors or distractions if you feel they are holding you back from optimum productivity. Being transparent helps in avoiding situations where expectations are not met due to things entirely out of your control. Be honest with yourself, and then communicate transparently with your team, so that you can truly be a cohesive force even when a few colleagues are struggling.

Use communication tools for organizations

Enterprise applications like Slack, Workplace or Teamwork among many others are built with simple and intuitive user interfaces that bring the ease of apps like whatsapp to these work based apps. A much-needed break from emails, tools like these give you the freedom of open communication complete with the ability to share photos, make group chats, share emoticons and gifs.

Establish routine check-ins

Set a routine for calls or video conferences to keep in touch with your colleagues on a personal level. This will keep their morale from getting low when it feels like life has taken a full 180° turn as well as motivate them when they are not feeling as productive. Another great outcome of keeping in touch? Your team will know that they are accountable to each other.

Be optimistic, even in the face of uncertainty

Positivity is contagious, and it's no surprise that we are at our best, most productive self when we are not stressed to an extreme. The state of affairs is stressful, to say the least, but being an optimistic teammate helps not just you, but your entire team. Try to become the cheerleader of your team when they need it the most, and soon you will see the good energy finding its way back to you. Stay optimistic and do your best work, positivity never goes unnoticed.

Collaborating effortlessly as you work remotely requires some changes on your part, but you will get there for sure. Efficiency and productivity do not have to suffer just because your team is not in close proximity. Where there is a will, work happens! Meanwhile, do your best and take all measures to stay safe!

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