Virtual team building games to bond in the time of social distancing.

Virtual games/quizzes for Team Bonding during Social Distancing

April 7, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic
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In the times of social distancing, yearning for connection is something people have been feeling all around the world. Even as we are in a necessary self-isolation, technology has proved to be a phenomenal aide. Worldwide, people are using technology to share laughter through their screens, keeping businesses running and organizing social work campaigns to provide relief to the poor, the most vulnerable group during the Covid19 mitigation measures.

At Eventyoda, we are compelled that during the time of social distancing, team bonding is not something to be overlooked. On the contrary, in this uncertain time, it is our relationships that will provide true peace and optimism. Standing by this, we have curated a list of digital team building activities for your team to keep your team close even when they are working from home.

Bead Bar

A simple and nostalgia activity, Bead Bar is a slow and therapeutic game that allows you to create your own unique and playful jewelry. DIY bead kits will be home delivered to your team by the organizer. Open a box of colorful beads and sequences, complete with all the tools and paraphernalia required to make your own bead jewelry. There are no rules, but a small manual will guide you through the activity, leaving enough space to experiment, play and create funky gifts for your kids or your friends.

Tie and Dye

Conceived in the streets and textile market alleys of Japan and Indonesia, Tie Dying is a form of coloring cloth that has now become a famous world over for its simple yet fun technique and unique print. A tie and dye kit includes the cloth to be dyed, the dye itself, and a band to twist and hold the cloth. The kit will be home delivered to your team by the organizer. Each tied and dyed piece looks different, even if you choose the same colors every time! Hands-on and artsy, Tie and Dye is a game that is a favorite in art colleges as well as  a cool coloring technique that makes an artist out of anyone who tries it!

Virtual Gaming

As millions of people work from home, virtual gaming is one of the most convenient (not to mention safe) ways of embarking on a mission with your colleagues. Experience gritty adventures, compelling interfaces and immersive virtual games and beat your teammates from your couch! Choose a game your team likes, and utilize the online private chat server to coordinate with your teams as you play. The virtual GameCoach will connect your team’s digital personas in the game. Choose from an assortment of themes with 16-32 players combatting virtually, but the bonding in the truest sense of the word.

Mobile Laser Tags

We are bringing a laser tag to your backyard so that you can have fun while being a responsible citizen! Sign up for Mobile Laser Tag and we will convert your backyard, office campus or any private space into a realistic laser tag arena, complete with a scenario to add life to the game! Indulge in a physically exciting, team-focused game in this action-packed team building activity.

When it comes to bonding, distance is simply not a strong enough deterrent. This is the belief with which our team at Eventyoda chooses to face the ongoing healthcare crisis. There are a hundred ways to reach out and comfort our friends who are frazzled at the moment. Choose your activity, and make memories with your team during quarantine season, because strong relationships always give us the power to endure. Plan a virtual team bonding session with us. Browse activities or request a quote- on

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