What makes this special

Members of the workforce who understand each other will bring new ideas into reality by taking up challenges together. Virtual team building is great for improving communication, building trust, increasing creativity, reducing conflict, and helping your team members to understand one another better.
A virtual team building activity will work when it facilitates emotional connections among participants. Activities that enable participants to learn new things about one another promote the kind of bonding that makes physical space disappear. Make your virtual team building activities work by using strategic ideas.

Virtual Activities

Chocolate Party

Virtual chocolate art competition, "Travel" to Brazil to make truffles!

Wine and Paint

Be inspired to create your own “Wine Valley Reserve” painting!

Tie Dye

Jump into a virtual world of "Tie Dye" that everyone will enjoy!

Team Mosaic

Learn a variety of mosaic art skills, "in your own space, at your own pace"

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt is a fun way of finding and sharing things with the group


Karaoke lovers have had to take to virtual world to get the party started!

Games Shows - Family Feud

Customisable questions about your company, industry, individual participant

Game Shows - Trivia

Play Virtual Trivia. Bring together your team from ANYWHERE!

Game Shows - Survey Says!

Enjoy forming teams and guessing answers with your team!

Game Shows - Price It Right!

Computer gamer, come on! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!

Game Shows - Name that Tune!

Identify artist using album art or rarely-seen photos of bands and singers

Game Shows - Minute to Win It

These In It To Win It challenges pushes your team to work together

Game Shows - Jeoparody

Never leave anyone out when you have interactive online team building offic

Game Show - BINGO

A moderized version of Bingo that combines music and trivia!

Escape Room

You'll get all the fun and adventure of a regular escape room from anywhere

Battle of the Air Bands

Create your "own concert" no matter where you are!